Why reporting on intellectual capital?

In relation with another post on KM reporting by the IADB, I just wanted to drop a few lines on the rationale for implementing a proper methodology to report on intellectual capital (IC).
That is, by formalizing an IC reporting mechanism, the organization is enabled to:

  • Check alignment to organization goals, complementing financial statements.
  • Track its investments on the IC domain and check their performance on a periodic basis.
  • Include in periodic IC audits the intangible assets, which are usually overlooked.
  • Use an overall and more comprehensive state of affairs for strategic decisions.

In addition, the nature of an IC report would provide a look to the future, enabling the organization to:
  • Check readiness for known future challenges.
  • Mitigate unknown risks by, e.g., lowering response times to unexpected events.
Finally, such reporting figures enable every knowledge manager to provide metrics on the success of their KM program, something not to be taken lightly!


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  1. Likewise, there must be no current licenses that would meddle with the proposed new permit. intellectual property protection