Reporting on KM: The IADB case

It is not so often that one finds an organizational annual report informing of the health of the corporate knowledge management or intellectual capital on an organization.

The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) is one of those rare exceptions and I am glad to share with you these links, where they publish their yearly reports:
or quarterly ones:

It is the quarterly reports that have a section on "Knowledge & Learning" (KNL). I accessed the 2016 Q3 and found the following indicators (among others):
  1. Registrations & Unique Participants enrolled in at least one Learning Program 
  2. Average Knowledge & Learning hours per participant by Vice Presidency (VP) category
  3. Average Training Hours per Career Track & Location
  4. Total External Client Participant in KNL activities, by Region
  5. Number and Views of IDB Publications and Blogs
  6. Massive Open Online Courses - MOOCs
  7. Results of end-of-event Satisfaction Surveys
  8. Resources assigned to KNL
One thing that strikes me is the equal number of KPIs to both internal (1 to 3, focused on learning) and external activities (4 to 6, focused on dissemination), which unveils - even if only broadly - the strategic objectives of KNL activities at the IADB.

I wonder if the KNL department at IADB works internally with more detailed KPIs or they remain at this 8 high-level ones. In any case, it is good news to see KM results being reported along with corporate strategy, business development or resource management.


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