Some basic truths about knowledge management

You cannot do knowledge management successfully and in a sustainable way if you do not know what "knowledge" is.
I guess the reason I stress so much in this blog the importance of sound definitions is that during my first years in the area of KM you could ask 3 people and get 4 different answers of what "knowledge" is. And things do not change for the better just by letting time pass by.
Spend some time and money in getting your foundations straight. That is, arrive to an agreed definition of what is that what you are managing, even if at first sight it seems a void effort to spend time on this kind of analysis.

In the end there are a limited set of concepts common to almost all organizations
The ultimate goal of KM is to improve the efficiency of the organization by leveraging the existing organizational knowledge and the experts abilities. For that, you will have to identify, capture and make knowledge sources available and, of course, keep all of that running in a sustainable way, subject to continuous improvement. 
The implementation of each of those areas will for sure vary, depending on many factors such as culture or existing technologies but the general building blocks remain.

Support from senior management is essential
Knowledge management has to be seen as a corporate programme just like any other, and as such, the sponsoring of the right management level is fundamental to keep things running in the long-term.



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